How we work

Formosa offers a full and personal design and supply service, with the benefit of trusted installation partners which Formosa can recommend and has worked alongside since its inception.

Natasha will take hold of the entire project, leading you gently and patiently through the entire process, making the experience as simple and stress free as possible.

1. Initial telephone consultation

Natasha will book you in for an initial telephone consultation to assess your needs, style and budget and to discuss the benefits of using Formosa and if we are right for you. If appropriate, Natasha will book you in for a second consultation in the comfort of your own home.

2. Home consultation

Natasha will visit you in your home to measure and survey your space and gain a further insight into your personal tastes, style, requirements and just get to know you a little better. Natasha will also assess the light available in the space, the period and style of the property and how the area will be used, from a practical viewpoint. This is also your opportunity to meet Natasha, learn more about Formosa and express any specific requirements, plus your own ideas and budget.

3. Design

Once Natasha has gathered all the information required, the design can start to evolve. During the design stage, Natasha will take all the necessary time to research all areas that need to be taken into consideration, such as how the space will be used and who will be using it, style requirements noted from the home consultation, as well as being ever conscious of the budget. Natasha aims to obtain a good balance between aesthetics, styles, practicalities and budget. The result should be a kitchen that perfectly suits your needs in all areas.

4. Presentation

Once the initial designs are completed, Natasha will invite you to book an appointment for a presentation. Using the latest CAD software, Natasha will present to you the proposed ideas and layouts. Each element will be explained and discussed in detail and a preliminary product quotation will be presented. With Natasha’s long standing experience in Kitchens, Natasha can also offer all the necessary advice and knowledge needed to allow you to make informed decisions.

A selection of samples will be on hand, so the client can have a hands on approach to exploring the various finishes and colours available for door finishes, handles and splashbacks to name a few. Natasha can also make suggestions for complimentary products such as flooring, lighting and accessories.

The initial design should be viewed as a starting point to a journey together between you and Natasha, whereby she will be able to guide and help you to build on the design and quotation, concluding in a final design that perfectly suits all of your needs via a series of meetings, emails or telephone calls as an when needed.

5. Installation

Natasha offers both design and supply only but can recommend trusted and approved installers who can provide you with an installation quote. Natasha still works with the same installation teams she did when the shop operated in Bradford on Avon, and as a client of Natasha’s you will benefit from this long standing relationship built on trust and joint experience.